Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do is based on the ethical, moral, and spiritual standards by which individuals can live together in harmony, and the art patterns are inspired by the ideals and exploits of great people from Korean history.
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HQ of International Pro Taekwondo Federation,

         Korea Composite Martial Arts Federation of Oceania,

         Bul Moo Do Federation of Oceania and

         The World X-Impact Federation of Oceania

The Member of Taekwondo Australia Inc.

The Member of Taekwondo Australia NSW Inc.

The Member of Martial Arts Industry Association Inc. (MAIA)

What clients say

The quality and level of instruction at Master Kwon’s Pro Tae Kwon Do Academy is excellent. It has changed my life and enriched the lives of all of my family who now attend regularly. I highly recommend Master Kwon’s Pro Tae Kwon Do Academy as an outstanding martial arts academy. Master Kwon superb instruction comes from years of experience. He is a gifted teacher who is encouraging as well as honest and motivating.

Nicola Nakamura

Master Dosa has been the best master i have trained with. He is an extremely generous and supportive person and one of the most friendliest people you will ever meet. He is extremely dedicated to his students and his family. He will work you very hard and get you to become a great martial artist.

Justin Leung Shing

Master kwon is an outstanding martial artist and teacher. I’ve known him since he began teaching in Sydney and still to this day amazes me with his ability in martial arts he is a dedicated and gifted person as well being honest and good friend he gave me the inspiration and knowledge to achieve my goals and success and I greatly thank him for that .

Van Chopov